Here is the original Japanese release of the Ultrasaurus. The Ultra is a true Tomy classic, and I'm sure had I had one when I was a kid it would have been my favorite toy ever. I always loved toys that carried vehicles (like aircraft carriers, car carriers, ferrys) and Ultra is all that plus it moves under its own power! It is a very big Zoid and the detail is astounding, my pictures do not do it justice. As far as the movement goes, it stomps along ponderously while all four of the battleship style cannons move up and down. The neck curls up and then lunges out while it walks. The tail is not mechanically controlled, but swings back and forth from the momentum. There is a separate battery pack that lights up the eyes and mouth in red. Gold mindriders are crawling all over this machine! There's one at the end of the tail tucked between all those guns, one on top of the deck hangar no doubt to monitor incoming and outgoing aircraft, one on each of the large outboard guns, one in the neck and one sitting in a removable aircraft tucked in the head area. If that isn't enough for you, open up the hangar and you find yet another aircraft with a mindrider aboard, and there is even another one in a sort of hovercraft behind a door in the chest! Open the chest door and a ramp slides out to deploy the hovercraft. This and tons of attitude are what you get with Ultrasaurus.

I obtained this one as a built-up years ago and just got around to assembling it, I ran across it when I was cleaning out a closet. It is 100% complete. The colors are really nice on it. The new Japanese release is also nice, but the colors are much lighter (the armor is silver). I also have the Technozoids version built (white and gold with pink plugs- yuck!), but the colors of this release are much more dramatic.

Length- 26"

Height- 13.5"

Power- 2 x C, 2 x AA

Crew- 8 (3 in removable aircraft)