Zeta Base

These are the completed photos of Zeta Base, in another page on the Zoids menu I've got a lot of construction photos showing how this diorama went together.  Building a diorama like this is actually not too difficult and is frankly a lot of fun! This diorama is quite small (measures about 11" x 12" x 7"),  but a lot of activity is packed into that space. This was built for a Zoids contest and was the winning entry. I've posted pictures below showing all of the different things going on.

Above: There are four levels to Zeta base- the lowest level is the dock for the water craft. Next is the lower landing platform, then the upper landing platform with hangar, then above that is the grade level. Zeta base is a hidden base tucked into the side of a cliff face.

Above: This is a closeup of the upper platform.

Above: Here we are looking at the control panel on the lower landing platform, and the lower dock complete with working light. And yes, the guy on the left is taking a whizz off the dock!

Above: Here the mech suit is being recharged on the upper flight deck.

Above: On the highest level of this dio (grade level), a soldier stops to supplement his lunch from the apple tree.

Above: Here a couple of mechanics are hard at work getting a Zoid prepped in the hangar. Note the girlie posters, no workshop would be complete without them!

Above: One of the biggest challenges on this diorama was wiring up all the lighting such that is was completely hidden. It had to be routed through the base legs ,which had to be drilled out.

Above: Here a flying Zoid is being directed in for a landing while a soldier takes target practice advice from his commander.

Above: Another view of the upper flight deck.

Below are some additional overall shots.