Is Jack Van Impe a date setter?

Jack Van Impe has been a date setter for several decades now. I have to laugh when he says, "We're not trying to set dates here," and then he goes right ahead and set another date for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Maybe bank robbers should try this tactic for legal reasons. "We're not trying to rob the bank folks, but if you don't get your hands in the air, we'll blow your head off."

Jack is very systematic in how he constantly advances the magic year. In 1992, Jack was saying the Lord is coming by 1993. In 1998, he said 1999 was the magic year. In 1999, Jack was pointing us to 2000. I found it very odd when he suddenly jumped to 2018. Every time Dr. Van Impe sets a date, he has the math to prove his point. After being wrong over 40 times, I have zero faith in any of this man's future date settings.