Do oil fields regenerate themselves?

A lot of creationist and conspiracy-minded Christian believe that the earth has a vast pumping system that connection all the earths oil reverse to this vast unlimited pool of oil deep in the planets core. They site example of oil wells that where once declared tapped out -- years later they came back to life.

The creationists motivation promote the idea has do with they desire to discredit the belief that the earth is millions of years old. The Conspiracy folks are just out to prove another example of the "powers that be" using trickery to control mankind.

For the record, petroleum is a finite resource and at some point in the future the supply of oil in the Earthís crust will be exhausted. In 2002, proven reserves were reported at 1,213 billion barrels.

There is nothing magical about spent wells producing more oil. Under old technologies, oil drillers could only retrieve about 35 percent of the oil in place; with new methods it is possible to extract up to 65 percent of the oil in the field. This would example why old fields have been being reexplored.

There is no proof of the oil seeping up from subterranean fissures. Anyone that thinks the earth has deep deposits of oil is unfamiliar with how quick the planetís internal temperature rises. In just the upper region of the mantle - 5 to 25 miles deep - the temperature is already at 1,600 degrees F.