Is Mary the Queen of Heaven? The "theology" surrounding this question comes primarily from Revelation, chapter 12.

Those who hold to this (Catholic proponents) say that the woman mentioned is the "Queen of Heaven" because she gave birth to Jesus the Lord. They call her the "Mother of god," inferring that she is wife of God.

Bible truth tells us, by reading the total context of the scriptural matter, that the nation Israel, not Mary, is the "woman" referred to in the 12th chapter of Revelation.

Mary was a mortal human being God called "blessed among women," it is true (Read Luke 1:28; 1:42). However, in each case -- first the angel, then Elizabeth, soon-to-be mother of John the Baptist--the one stating Mary was blessed was proclaiming that God had seen fit to bless the young woman by having her bring the Redeemer into the world. In neither case, nor in anywhere else in Scripture, does the Word of God ascribe deity to Mary, Jesus' mother. Catholic liturgy presents Mary as co-redemptrix, which is totally counter to the Word of God. The Bible says expressly:

"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus" (1 Tim. 2: 5).

No. Mary is not the Queen of Heaven.


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