Will most people realize that the rapture has occurred?

I would have to answer this question the same way I would one that asked, "If a giant meotor slammed into New York Ciy, will the world take notice?"

I think it should be a given fact that the rapture will be a huge media event that will trigger a massive amount of panic and financial disruption. Like all major events, the news coverage will be non-stop for several weeks.

Million of people will be desperate for information. If the Rapture Ready is able to remain up during the days that follow the rapture, it will probably receive record amounts of traffic.

The rapture will probably have a severe impact on the U.S. economy. Because America has the highest rate of born-again believers, the loss of all these people could be a key reason why the EU becomes the dominant global power.

Because men's heart will still be full of darkness, the outpouring of emotion will quickly fade. Life will return to normally, and the way will be cleared for the Antichrist to make his grand entrance.


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