What year will the rapture take place?

Even if you had the right date, you might not have the correct year. A lot of people strongly believe the rapture will occur on Rosh Hashanah which takes place Sept 18-19 of the year 2001. If the Jewish New Year was the date for the Rapture, the chances of any given year being "the year" have been very small. From Paul's time to the present the likelihood of the rapture taking place during any of those 1960 years would be 0.05 percent. Of course, the chance of Jesus' return has risen with the indication that we are living in the end times. If the rapture was guaranteed to transpire within the next 10 years, each year would only have a 10 percent chance. When you have 365 days up for grabs each year, the odds are really stacked against the single date proponents.